Testimonials From My Clients

Entrepreneurs, trainers, HR professionals, corporate leaders… sharing your knowledge is a powerful act: for you, and for your audience!


"Sandra Currie-Samson is an excellent facilitator and presenter, her passion and ability to connect with her audience is exceptional. I had the pleasure to participate in one of her presentations and would highly recommend her courses. If you are looking to learn how to create and facilitate a workshop, Sandra is your go to person.”

Jens Casten, Founder & Owner, JMCasten Consulting and Coaching

“Sandra knows her stuff when it comes to designing workshops and she knows how to teach it to others. I have attended two of her workshops and my skills and confidence in being able to design a workshop that would add revenue to my business definitely increased as a result. Sandra is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor and I would definitely recommend her as your go-to person if you need help in designing a workshop!”

Rosanne Burke, Certified Independent Dementia Trainer

"She was very generous and responsive in sharing her expertise in terms of what to consider when designing programs, how to ensure they are on the mark and include only quality and strategic content, and some tips on engaging the audience for better transfer of knowledge."

Gail Godreau, Lighthouse Wellness Strategies

“Sandra designed and delivered a workshop entitled 'Designing Your Workshop'. As a CWB Member, Sandra was selected to deliver a CWB Power Lunch session.  She was engaging and direct with participants, working to help them develop meaningful purpose statements and impactful learning objectives for workshops they are developing.  Participants provided excellent feedback, noting that Sandra was clear, concise and professional in her planning and delivery of these sessions.”

Nora Perry, Business Development Officer, Centre for Women in Business

Sandra at her laptop ready to work on your Power Hour 

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“I had the privilege of attending a three-day workshop that Sandra Currie-Samson facilitated in October of 2016. It was a wonderful experience. She is so well organized, kept us on topic, and kept it interesting as well. Sandra had a way of guiding us through our projects that was easy to understand. As someone who has never taught any type of course, I came away with a confidence that has prepared me well for the course I would like to teach. I am looking forward to implementing all the tools Sandra gave me, and I look forward to the possibility of more workshops with her in the future.”

Debora Hamm, Owner/Designer, Rheyken Designs

"Sandra is an excellent speaker.  Her presentation was engaging and targeted to our audience. She used specific examples about client education, that got us all thinking and contributing to the discussion.  I would recommend Sandra as a facilitator or trainer to any organization."

Cindy Dean, Member Services Coordinator, Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“I recently attended a session delivered by Sandra at the Centre for Women in Business. I have been developing and delivering training courses for over a decade but found her process for workshop development incredibly useful. It has since helped me create workshop proposals and outline several webinars. I walked away with clear steps and action items that were presented with enthusiasm. Well worth my time!”

Sarah Mullins, Owner & Principal Consultant, UptreeHR