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Band Geek for Life

A band geek for life. Yes, that’s me. I was 11 years old when I picked up the clarinet for the first time. I joined the school band and officially became a band geek. Eventually, I played in all kinds of bands: concert, jazz, Dixieland, symphonies, musicals and church choirs. It was a blast! And everything they say about “band camp” is true.

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Conversations Matter

Conversations matter. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago over coffee with my husband Sam. Saturday afternoons have become our date time. Our youngest daughter Charlotte attends a local theatre program for three hours and during this time Sam and I usually go grocery shopping and run errands. But one afternoon of late, we ran out of things to do and ended up at Starbucks for a coffee.  We grabbed our drinks and headed for a table in the corner. And we began to talk.

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Being More Vibrant

I am obsessed with the movie The Greatest Showman. I like musicals in general but I fell instantly in love with this movie from the opening scene. The colours of the costumes…the toe-tapping music…the roller-coaster of emotions…the positive message…all wrapped into one of the most vibrant movies I have seen in a long time.

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My 2017 Reading List

I love reading. Books have been cherished friends ever since my 4th-grade teacher Miss Hinchey introduced me them to me. She would read novels to us by reading us a chapter as a reward for getting our work done and transported us to such places as a ranch near Colorado in the early 1900’s or to the magical factory of Willy Wonka. Every day, I carve out some time to read…

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Our Business is Nothing Without Us

The last few weeks have been rough. As a business owner, there is an unspoken expectation to be always at full capacity. To be your best every day. To always be striving. Well, it is hard to be at your peak performance when you can’t be. The past month and a half have taught me that. I have been struggling with some health issues. Nothing that will be life-altering but the stuff I couldn’t ignore any longer. Physically, I felt I was walking through a vat of molasses all the time. All the things I loved to do walking, dancing, weight lifting, taking care of my family, and running my business left me tired and exhausted. I was in a…

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