Conversations Matter

Conversations matter. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago over coffee with my husband Sam. Saturday afternoons have become our date time. Our youngest daughter Charlotte attends a local theatre program for three hours and during this time Sam and I usually go grocery shopping and run errands. But one afternoon of late, we ran out of things to do and ended up at Starbucks for a coffee.  We grabbed our drinks and headed for a table in the corner. And we began to talk.

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There is no end to controversy these days. You don’t have to look far to find heated, prolonged, and public disagreements. I am not sure about you but I am getting weary of it all.
It’s like we are getting stuck in the deep, thick muck. So stuck, we can’t move or even see how we can escape. Like a little child, we are crying for someone to lift us out and put us back on solid ground. But sadly…

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My Learning (and Teaching) Manifesto

In 2008, I completed my Certificate in Adult Education. Three years later walked across the stage to receive my M.Ed. in Studies of Lifelong Learning. They opened both my mind and the world to new ways of thinking about learning and teaching. Learning never stops for me. I am committed to lifelong learning and looking back, always have been. I am also a teacher. Sometimes I am training or facilitating in the workplace. Other times I am presenting at a conference or coaching my clients. But I am always teaching. As I work with my clients and continue to grow and learn, I have come to adopt some core beliefs about the work I do. These principles guide my work and my life. I practice what I preach. Here is my Learning (and Teaching) Manifesto:

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WordCamp Halifax : Learning Outside of My Comfort Zone

On the weekend, I attended WordCamp Halifax 2018. It was a great event and I learned a lot despite being out of my comfort zone. And I almost didn’t go. Even as I am typing this on my WordPress site, I admit to not being WP literate. I can add blog posts, and change some of the content, but this is where my savviness ends.

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Do you have a Learning Network?

On the weekend I attended BlogJam which is a day-long conference for bloggers. Normally, when I attend such an event, I write about my top takeaways.  Although I learned lots, this time I left with a stronger impression of the day. It was amazing to see Bloggers from all over connecting and learning from each other. My A-Ha moment was…

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