Are you Overstuffing the Burrito?

I like a good burrito every now and then. Some chicken, black beans, rice, cheese, and salsa – yum. But, when you overstuff it – the results are not pretty. You can be sure that after a few bites in, the stuffing will be everywhere. Today, I was doing some research for a client…

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My Learning (and Teaching) Manifesto

In 2008, I completed my Certificate in Adult Education. Three years later walked across the stage to receive my M.Ed. in Studies of Lifelong Learning. They opened both my mind and the world to new ways of thinking about learning and teaching. Learning never stops for me. I am committed to lifelong learning and looking back, always have been. I am also a teacher. Sometimes I am training or facilitating in the workplace. Other times I am presenting at a conference or coaching my clients. But I am always teaching. As I work with my clients and continue to grow and learn, I have come to adopt some core beliefs about the work I do. These principles guide my work and my life. I practice what I preach. Here is my Learning (and Teaching) Manifesto:

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social media icons

Social Media Day Learning Nuggets

I was eager to attend the very first Social Media Day here in Halifax and it did not disappoint!  I set the day aside for my own professional development and was content to be on the audience side of things – which isn’t always easy for me to do.  Armed with a go-with-the-flow mindset, I showed up to absorb some learning nuggets and be inspired. There were close to 300 people from various backgrounds and interests sharing one thing in common – a desire to get better at social media.

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purging content

Purging the Outdated and Tired

Over the weekend I moved my office to another larger space in my home. What I love about “moving” is the purging that goes along with it. Gosh, it felt good to get rid of the stuff that I had been hanging on to and was cluttering up everything. Today I am starting a fresh week in a clean, organized space. I must say it does a lot for a clearer ‘headspace’ too. Some of the stuff I was purging were lots of old and outdated printed training material such as handouts and guides. It was a good reminder to update my materials and make them fresh too.

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