Compelling Course Design... from Idea to Impact

Get prepared to share what you know - from the spark of a course idea - to engaging instruction - to rapt audiences

Rapid workplace change calls on us to know more and do more.

This creates the need for on-the-job training, online courses, workshops and other forms of lifelong learning.

Best case scenario: we’re given a moving experience that accelerates professional and personal growth. Worst case scenario – um, have you ever heard the strangled sounds of death by PowerPoint?

An exquisitely-designed course, led by an enthralling instructor, will leave an incredible impact.

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When we decide to teach, we take on the obligation to do it well.

Bad courses drive me nuts. I hate “teachers” who are boring, disconnected from their audience, who believe they’re the most important person in the room. We’ve all sat through courses that left us bored, belittled and cursing the time wasted that we’ll never get back. I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ever.

Whether you’ve been asked to share your expertise with colleagues, or you have a message that you’re driven to share with a wider audience, or you see the potential of sharing your process as a new income stream… I can help you get crystal clear on your topic, create powerful and meaningful content, and learn how to engage your audience so you leave them wanting more.

I’ll help you prepare to share what you know - from the spark of a course idea to engaging instruction to rapt audiences.

fa-adnBuild Your Workshop

Happening regularly, these comprehensive working sessions prime you to add to your income and influence with your own engaging course offer. Identify an audience, set learning objectives, develop your workshop/course outline and brainstorm activities that make learning fun. Start with a FREE Course-Builder Power Hour.

fa-adnVIP Day

Monetize your expertise with a profitable and captivating course. Take advantage of my full attention, depth & breadth of learning, and very best tools and tips to find, design and rehearse the course you’re meant to teach. Start with a FREE Course-Builder Power Hour.


Brand new processes, policies, or staff that need training? Whatever information and expertise you need to share, I can help design the best way to divulge it. Program design will be tailored to your training goals and audience, and will address your logistics, technologies, budgets and timing. Let's talk.

fa-adnTrain Your Trainers

A customized program I deliver at your workplace, to ensure your sales, HR and/or customer engagement team are communicating clearly, training effectively and inspiring audiences to adopt the behaviours you want. Want to see what's possible? Let's talk.

fa-adnI'll Speak at Your Event

Fun, lively and light (but still super-powerful) presentations that are full of anecdotes, examples and valuable take-aways. Every talk inspires a clearer communication of ideas, appreciating our different ways of learning, and the life-long pursuit of new ideas. Book Sandra today.

With a truly great course, you’ll be seen as a valuable resource, inspire more referrals, increase your business income, and above all, have a lasting, positive impact on the people who get the opportunity to learn from you.

Whether we work together for One VIP Day, or longer term through a Course Consultation, or you join me for one of my high-energy Build Your Workshop – I promise, you will:

  • Solve the riddle of how to transform your knowledge/understanding/point of view/expertise into a captivating course/webinar/workshop/program
  • Discover the different ways that people learn and how to play to those differences
  • Learn training best practices and leave with tools for a wide range of teaching scenarios
  • Master how to present confidently and compellingly
  • And, enjoy the whole process!

Own the front of the room

I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals and subject-matter experts who were called on to:

  • Create and lead a workshop
  • Extend training to colleagues
  • Champion a change in procedure or behaviour among a large group of employees
  • Train others to pass on key information
  • Develop an online course
  • Support marketing with proactive customer education
  • Create a source of passive income

And most of these professionals didn’t know where to start!

You can be smart, driven, exceptionally skilled – and still feel in-no-way prepared to share your expertise. That’s where I can help.

Creating a course doesn’t have to be daunting.

It’s work, but I’m here to help you get organized, stay inspired, stock up your toolbox, cover the details, and create your very best. We’ll have fun, and you’ll be surprised at how good you are at this!

My approach to Course Preparation differs fundamentally from the massive amount of DIY information available online:

  • We’ll focus on educating to transform – our goal will be the lasting impact that you leave
  • We’ll draw on post-graduate-level theories of effective education and current, relevant, proven best practices
  • We’ll review learning objectives, learning preferences and delivery techniques to tailor instruction to your particular audience
  • We’ll push beyond content to the all-important experience: honing your teaching style so you leave your audience wanting more
  • I’ll even help you learn to “read the room” so you can use your audience’s energy to amp up your presentation!

Sandra at her laptop ready to work on your Power Hour

Sign up for your Course-Builder Power Hour: 1-to-1 with Sandra

I’m so excited to get your course started that I’m offering you a FREE Course-Builder Power Hour of Consultation. During this 60-minute call I will help you get clear on:

  • Why you should be creating your course.
  • What your topic should be based on your expertise.
  • What might be preventing you from sharing what you know.
  • What you need to do next for your course creation.

"Sandra gave me the courage and inspiration to start planning my online course, a direction for it, and some thoughts towards the process."

Anita Kirkbride, Twirp Communications Inc

“Sandra is an expert in helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and thought leaders take our expertise and transform it into an engaging course that actually gets results. (The audience) is happy and we’re happy because now we feel empowered to get out there, spread the word and leverage our time and income even more.”

Eleanor Beaton, Women's Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author