Picking a course topic is hard at times. You are brilliant at what you do and you want to share what you know with others. You have numerous topics swarming in your head that you could possibly create a course from. They all sound good to you so where do you start?

The first step is to get crystal clear on why you want to create your course. Every one of you will have a different why but knowing ‘your’ why will help you create a course that matters to you and your clients.

Here are some questions to help with discovering ‘your’ why:

  1. Why do you want to unleash this course on the universe?
  2. What impact will it make on the individuals you serve and on your business?
  3. What does this course personally mean to you?
  4. What will you miss out on if you don’t create this course?
  5. How does this course fit into your business plan and goals?

Next, think of your audience. Is this something they need or want? As experts in our field, we all know we have key things to share and information our audiences should have. Yet, when we fail to understand our audience, our courses can fall flat. I often share the story of the vitamin versus the painkiller. We all see our content as the vitamin – the good stuff that will change someone’s life – the good to have. However, most often our audience is looking for the painkiller – what can you offer me right now that can help me solve my problem or dilemma and help take away the pain I am in. Sometimes we need to offer the painkiller first before they are ready to take the vitamin.

I am not saying that the vitamin is not good to offer. You just need to know your audience and how you will meet their immediate needs.

Building a course – a high-value course – takes lots of effort. No matter how well you know your subject matter, it takes some thought, resources, and commitment to getting your course from idea to reality. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding on your topic. However, once you have it, the rest will flow.