Conversations matter. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago over coffee with my husband Sam.

Saturday afternoons have become our date time. Our youngest daughter Charlotte attends a local theatre program for three hours and during this time Sam and I usually go grocery shopping and run errands. But one afternoon of late, we ran out of things to do and ended up at Starbucks for a coffee.

We grabbed our drinks and headed for a table in the corner. And we began to talk.

A little background. Sam and I have been together for almost 30 years and married for 27. We have spent much of that time together talking and engaging in lively debates. In fact, our two daughters often sigh, roll their eyes, leave the room or a combination of the three, when we start. News time in our house can be quite contentious. But the one thing we admire most about each other is our love for a good discussion.

Which is what happened that Saturday afternoon over coffee. We talked about family and my business. We talked about him being back in the classroom this year after leaving a VP role at his school. As time when on, we jumped into our favourite topic of politics and world events. We shared some new ideas that we had learned. It was a nice chat.

About an hour in, an elderly lady who had been sitting at a table across from us came over. “Sorry to interrupt,” she said. “I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. I just wanted to say how nice it is to hear such positive and educated thoughts from two people.” She continued to tell us she wishes her friends would engage in conversation like this instead of talking about their tv shows.

She then asked if we were ‘together’. We laughed and told her for many years. “That’s wonderful,” she replied.

Sam and I still chuckle about that encounter.

And it got me thinking, about conversations. Good conversations. Ones that matter.

So I want more of them. How about you?