Last week I busted the creativity dam. Ideas just flowed and flowed.

It was awesome.

Most days I sit staring at a blank computer screen waiting for a bolt of creativity. Many days it passes me by.

So what was different this day?

First of all, I left my all too familiar home office. I settled into a corner of a quaint cafe decorated with metal ceilings, interesting floor tiles, cosy fireplaces, elegant lighting and warm rich colours. Next to me was a  large picture window which boasted views of the basin and the constantly changing November weather – both mesmerizing.

Second, I had a mug of rich, bold coffee. The smell and taste alerting my senses to something new. The jolt of caffeine didn’t hurt either.

Third, I plugged into one of my favourite productivity music playlists. I like to listen to instrumental music which has a certain beat that is trance-like. I also find movie score music works well too.

Fourth, I had a pad of blank paper and my assortment of multi-coloured Sharpies beside my laptop. I doodled and jotted notes as thoughts came. I didn’t censor or edit. The act of writing on paper does something for me that typing doesn’t.

Finally, I had no expectations. When I sat down, I left my to-do list behind and stayed open to any thoughts and ideas that may appear. This was time to just be.

What flowed as result? A few blog posts, a title and content ideas for a new program, new video concepts, and answers to some percolating problems.

I felt energized, productive, happy, and…well…creative!

My lesson was that creativity doesn’t just show up. It needs to be nurtured and encouraged.  Deadlines and distractions are deadly. I needed to be relaxed, and ready for it to show up.

And when that dam burst, it was so much fun!