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No matter how brilliant, passionate and well-spoken you are, no matter how well you know your subject matter – are you ready, today, to stand up and teach it? I help entrepreneurs and business leaders prepare workshops, online courses, training sessions, customer education programs and more. We work through learning objectives, adult education and learning preferences, best practices in curriculum design and how to deliver engaging presentations. I have so much knowledge that I’d love to share with you – so you can start to share what you know.

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The right teachers inspired me to learn everything I can about creating brilliant courses.

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My name is Sandra Currie-Samson and I work with entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches.

I help them monetize their expertise and add a learning component as another stream of revenue to their business.  I help them take their expertise and create powerful courses, workshops, or programs by helping them get clear on their topic, create fabulous content and learn how to brilliantly engage their audience. I’m Sandra Currie-Samson, and I want you to experience the thrill of delivering a knock-out lesson that inspires every member of your audience. I’ll help you share your knowledge the most effective way you can, bringing all my research and education in (and passion for!) masterful adult education to our work together. 


Your Presentation Slides Suck

Forgive me but I need to rant: Your presentation slides suck. That was the thought going through my mind when I was searching for good examples of presentation slides for a course I am teaching. All I wanted to find were slides that were clean, simple, and readable. Sounds easy, right?


“As someone who has never taught any type of course, I came away with a confidence that has prepared me well for the course I would like to teach.” Debora Hamm, Owner/Designer, Rheyken Designs


“Sandra knows her stuff when it comes to designing workshops and she knows how to teach it to others.” Rosanne Burke, Certified Independent Dementia Trainer


“Sandra Currie-Samson is an excellent facilitator and presenter, her passion and ability to connect with her audience is exceptional.”

Jens Casten, Founder & Owner, JMCasten Consulting and Coaching